Lisa Klapstock ‘Somewhere’

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Toronto-based artist Lisa Klapstock photographed cultural bookstores in Berlin, Paris, and New York over the years, resulting in this artist book. She began by photographing books, eventually shifting her gaze to the people interacting with books, showing how the mostly solitary, immersive act of reading can make everything else fall away.

Her abstract pictures are rich in colour and pattern and often combined with multiple perspectives, alluding to the worlds hidden in books, evoking landscapes, cityscapes, or interiors. Klapstock’s work focuses on everyday places and the ways they are occupied by people. She has exhibited widely in North America and Europe.

Specifications:   Something to think about ・ 2022 ・ Hardcover ・ 24 x 32 cm. / 128 pages ・ English ・ 9781778284700

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