Kasper Bjerre & Peter Buch Hansen (ed.) ‘Kongerigets Stamsteder’

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Pubs in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland are portrayed in Kongerigets Stamsteder by a number of photographers and writers who have a connection to the various areas the book covers. In that way, it is local history told by locals.

Contribution from Cathrine Ertmann, Astrid Dalum, Karina Lodberg, Thomas Lund Hansen, Tobias Nicolai, Iben Gad, Signe Bøtzau Paulsen, Adam Bouttai, Line Svindt, chris1million, Tanja Brinks Toubro, Andreas Beck, Oliver Bodh Larsen, Valdemar Ren, Lasse Bak Mejlvang, Rólant Waag Dam, Tróndur Dalsgarð, Julia Aka Wille and Nina Sikkersoq.

Text in Danish.

Specifications:   Salvador Books ・ 2023 ・ Hardcover ・ 30 x 32,5 cm. / 656 pages ・ Danish ・ 9788797098844

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