Reason and vision

Fragment is an independent online book shop specialising in photo books.
Fragment is born out of a passion for photography and the book as an ideal medium for realising photographic projects. Fragment sees the photo book as an individual art work and not a collection of images in a book. It's all about photography, sequence, print, paper and design as a whole.
The book format also gives a unique possibility to experience the art in depth, again and again in both a tactile and visual way.
Our mission is to offer a great selection of photo books through our webshop and pop-up events. The events are posted on our Facebook page so follow us and you will not miss out.
The selection in Fragment consists of both new titles and collectables, with a focus on art and documentary photography. There are also many books by Nordic photographers and artists.
Most books  - if not out of stock by the publisher - can be ordered, so don't hesitate to send a request, if you can't find what you are looking for.
Thanks to everyone for the support - it helps Fragment achieve the goal of making these important books available and as appreciated as they deserve.

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