Lee Friedlander ‘Real Estate’

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A superbly assembled survey of Friedlander’s abiding fascination with the American social landscape across six decades. This volume presents 155 photographs spanning 60 years of the artist’s exploration of the built environment in the American social landscape. Collectively these photographs add to one of the broadest and most nuanced visual explorations of America, and, individually, they are filled with the kind of intellectual humor and observation for which Friedlander has become celebrated. Along the way, of course, Friedlander has expanded our ideas of what constitutes real estate, just as he continues to compel us to reconsider how photography reveals essential aspects of our lives over time.

Specifications:   Eakins Press Foundation ・ 2023 ・ Clothbound hardcover ・ 30 x 32 cm. / 155 pages ・ English ・ 978-0871300959


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