Jesper Rasmussen ‘Another Sense of Place’

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Jesper Rasmussen’s photographs depict buildings and places in public spaces. They appear immediately familiar and confidential as buildings and places, but the pictures also have a strange and unheimlich character. They are digitally retouched so all traces of human presence and behavior are removed. Cars, bicycles, traffic signals, graffiti, doors, windows, etc. lacking, and the architecture therefore appears out of scale and alienated as a kind of parallel reality.
The photographs play the role of classic documentary photographs, which unpredictably show what has been put in front of the camera. However, the photograph is decontextualized from unequivocally referring to a particular location, a particular locality (as it is otherwise the nature of photography) to slide towards a picture of pure form and architectural plan. The retouching contributes to the photosensitizing effect. The known recognizable saves something inhumanly, somewhat creepy, so that our ordinary, trivial living space is reduced to a humble cosmic universe, which is unlikely to look like reality.

Specifications:   Space Poetry ・ 2013 ・ Hardcover ・ 23 x 30,5 cm. / 152 pages ・ English / Danish ・ 978-87-7603-140-4

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