Henrik Saxgren ‘Ultima Thule’

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This is a 2nd edition of ‘Ultima Thule’ in new format and softcover.

Greenland has for many years been a source of fascination and inspiration for the Danish photographer Henrik Saxgren, and through several years he has visited the northern Greenland where his photographic work, Ultima Thule, is made. In Greenland Henrik Saxgren is fascinated by the interaction between nature and the captive life of the hunters. With a mixture of curiosity and wonder he portrays the hunters journey and their hunt at sea and on ice, he shows the silent, monumental, grand nature they live in, he shows the drama of their encounter with nature, the physical cost of the life they live, in a beautiful photographic language that goes far beyond bare documentation.

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Specifications:   Gyldendal ・ 2020 (2017) ・ Softcover ・ 22,4 x 27 cm. / 202 pages ・ English ・ 9788702296754

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