Tom Wood ‘101 Pictures’

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101 Pictures is a retrospective of Tom Wood’s work, casting light on his 25 year long testament to the people of Merseyside, UK. It includes previously unseen photographs, alongside major works such as the infamous nightclub series, Looking for Love, (1989) and from his seminal Photie Man (2005) publication.

101 Pictures is a concise and considered look back at Wood’s work selected by Martin Parr, edited and sequenced by Padraig Timoney. Padraig Timoney is a New York based artist and long standing collaborator with Tom Wood on many of his books. Padraig has contributed two paintings to the project, which will be printed onto cloth to form the book and slipcase covers.

“Many of the images that I have selected here are portraits; these are strong, albeit subtle and understated. Tom photographed whole families, groups of workers, couples and individuals, always conveying a sense of dignity and respect.” – Martin Parr

Specifications:   RRB Photobooks ・ 2020 ・ Hardcover with printed cloth ・ 24.5 x 29.5 cm. / 128 pages ・ English ・ 978-1916057555

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