Tom Wood ‘Termini’

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Tom Wood takes the ferry every day, not as a peaceful traveler, but as a discreet researcher, a sensitive observer who casts a tender and sincere glance at the daily life played out before him. He does not work for the press, does not carry out orders. He is not passing through, he lives here and it shows.

What can these characters in transit think of? Sometimes serene or pensive, they are immersed in an individual reality that resists photography. Even the documentary character of a working class, however abused, only appears on the second reading of the images: “I am not trying to document or prove anything. I am interested in how life works and how photography works. I’m a researcher with a camera, looking for what I know and what escapes me … “

Specifications:   GwinZegal ・ 2018 ・ Hardcover with dust jacket ・ 18 × 27 cm / 136 pages ・ English ・ 979-10-94060-21-6

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