Søren Jensen ‘Fynsk Tillykke’

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Fynsk tillykke it is about the Danish custom of placing “pepper mills” in front of unmarried people’s homes on their 30th birthdays. The pepper mills are often very humorous and, unfortunately, not very easy for the recipient to get rid of again, due to size, weight and materials (often oil barrels), which does not diminish the fun for the givers.

Fynsk tillykke is the third and last book by Søren Jensen looking at folk practices on the Danish island of Funen.  As a visual artist, Søren Jensen has made the books out of a love for and interest in the popular culture, and as such they do not pretend to be anthropological studies, but are photographic observations of the material world that surrounds us. 

Specifications:   Space Poetry ・ 2012 ・ Softcover ・ 17 x 24,5 cm. / 56 pages ・ Danish ・
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