Nicolas Floc’h ‘Deep Sea’

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‘Deep Sea’ is a collection of eerie underwater images from the Lampaul Canyon in the Bay of Biscay, France. Made at depths of up to nearly 2,000 metres, these seascapes of otherworldly geologies seem rather barren at first sight, until a lone creature appears, caught by the camera’s flash. The bay’s canyons were formed as the continents drifted apart 120 million years ago, opening up the Atlantic Ocean. These bathyal visions by Nicolas Floc’h are filled with rocky outcrops, cliffs, falls, and folds, where marine particulate “snow” merges with living things, the unseen denizens of the ocean depths. With a text by Michel Poivert.

Specifications:   Roma Publications ・ 2022 ・ Soft cover ・ 23 x 31 cm. / 64 pages ・ English / French ・ 9789464460124

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