Jakob Dall ‘+2°C’

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For three decades Danish photographer Jakob Dall has documented the consequences of climate change and the people who live and survive everyday when disaster strikes. The images respectfully tell stories with human dignity and give hope for new solutions to overcome the climate challenge. The book depicts the consequences of climate change from 18 of the most exposed countries and shows the everyday life of the people who live with the catastrophic effects caused by the temperature increases. The temperature in the 18 countries documented in this book has risen on average by +1.34°C since 1971, and even more in some of the specific areas that the book covers, the average temperature has risen to over +2°C.

At +2°C increase in the world’s average temperature, it will be almost impossible to tame the self-reinforcing destructive forces of climate change and the increasing number of climate disasters. Therefore, almost all the leaders of the world’s countries joined The Paris Agreement in 2015, in the hope of slowing down global warming.

The book is divided into country sections, where the pictures are supplemented with texts for each country that describe the conditions and future changes.

Specifications:   Book Lab ・ 2022 ・ Hardcover ・ 24,5 x 33 cm. / 336 pages ・ English ・ 9788794091084

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