Finn Larsen ‘Topografi 1, 2 & 3’

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Topographic photography takes an interest in everyday, inconspicuous landscapes and how they are transformed in the interaction between human culture and nature. Comprising three volumes – ‘Hække og Stativer’, ‘Orpik’, and ‘Dumpen’ – Finn Larsen’s ‘Topografi’ is based on his long-term projects. Since the end of the 1980s, Larsen has worked with topographic photography in ways that focus on specific places, observing them over multiple decades. This first volume is based on his first project, Hedges, photographed in the late 1980s in Randers, Denmark. The second and third volumes are both part of Larsen’s Greenlandic project: one is about trees, while the other focuses on waste. All 3 available likewise as a package.

Topography 1: Hække og Stativer – Hedges and Stands
Topography 2:  Orpik  – Træer i Grønland – Trees in Greenland – Kalaallisut orpik
Topography 3: Dumpen – The Dump –  Eqqaavissuaq

Specifications:   Architectural Publisher B ・ 2023 ・ Softcover ・ 20 x 34 cm. / 184 pages ・ Danish / English / Greenlandic (2&3) ・

Topografi 1,2,3

Topografi 1 Hække og Stativer, Topografi 2 Orpik, Topografi 3 Dumpen, All 3 titles as a set

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