Tina Enghoff ‘Hate is’

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Excerpt from the text by philosopher Jørgen Dehs:

“The images are not horrifying. They show neither victims, perpetrators, nor the nature of the crime. They simply present places in Denmark where a hate crime has been committed. The images are thereby about something that has taken place, but what has taken place is not in the images. … There is nothing decisive or privileged about the places we see in the book.
They are places that at first glance do not appear as eligible to be isolated and preserved as an image. They are more like the places we pass without noticing, unless they are part of our life history or places we know something specific about. The latter is the case here. The most significant thing about the images is not what we see, but our awareness that something that affects and repels us has taken place precisely here. More than anything else, the anonymity of these crime scenes more than suggests that what happened here can happen anywhere, at any time. What we see is dominated by what we do not see.”

Example of captions following the photographs from selected hate crimes from eight police districts in Denmark:

File no. 0900-77111-01436-13
Hjortevænget, Kokkedal. August 2013. Vandalism of two cars. Several tyres slashed on each car. Both cars also scratched along the left-hand side, one of them with two swastikas.

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