Stig Stasig ‘Retrograd’

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From the Baltic countries and Ukraine in the west, to Siberia far to the east, Georgia, Armenia and the Caucasus in the south. In the years from 1988 to 1993, photographer Stig Stasig traveled around the Soviet Union and photographed life on streets.

“Today’s Russia is a product of its past: the tsarist era, the revolution and the Soviet regime, and not least the chaotic break-up period around 1990. The only way we can hope to understand Russia’s behavior today is to familiarize ourselves with history and the completely different reality that the Russian people are and have been subject to. We have a tendency to try to understand Russia’s and Putin’s actions based on our own perception of freedom and democracy. What seems absurd from our point of view can often be understood very differently when looking at the same problem from the Russian side.” – Stig Stasig

Retrograd contains text by Sergej Lebedev, one of the young promising Russian writers in exile, who in his stories about the present draws threads to the past.

Specifications:   Book Lab ・ 2023 ・ Swiss bound paperback ・ 24 x 32,7 cm. / 164 pages ・ English ・

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