Søren Solkær ‘Black Sun’

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In Black Sun, Søren Solkær finds his way back to his childhood landscape – the marshlands of Southern Denmark. A place where as many as one million starlings gather in the spring and fall, prior to onwards migration, and set the stage for one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena. As the countless birds congregate in large murmurations before collectively settling in the reeds at dusk they put on an incredible show of collaboration and performance skills. And now and then, by the added drama of attacking birds of prey, the flock will unfold a breathtaking and veritable ballet of life or death.

For 4 years, Søren has traveled around Southern Denmark and Europe to photograph this spectacular phenomenon. Inspired by calligraphy and Japanese woodcuts, Søren has created a series of graphic images of the landscape and the large flocks of starlings. At times the flock seems to possess the cohesive power of super fluids, changing shape in an endless flux: From geometric to organic, from solid to fluid, from matter to ethereal, from reality to dream – an exchange in which real time ceases to exist and mythical time pervades. 

Specifications:   Edition Circle ・ 2020 ・ Hardcover, canvas bound ・ 24,5 x 30,5 cm. / 172 pages ・ Danish or English ・ 9788799297870

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