Per Bak Jensen ‘The Shadow’s Wandering’

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In “The Shadow’s Wandering”, Per Bak Jensen has collected 59 new photographs from his travels in a world where “everything seems to be disappearing and at the same time in wondrous ways in the process of being born again”, as he states in the book.

The editor and former publisher at Gyldendal, Johannes Riis, writes: “At first glance, it is a strict and relentless world, Per Bak Jensen invites us into; but it is rich and diverse behind the calculated and the measured, it contains its own unfathomable beauty. It is not a beauty that is conjured up by light and cheap tricks, it emerges from a special gaze on the world, a gaze that shuns the conventional, the banal, takes shortcuts and procrastinates. It arises from an ability to select, focus and concentrate. These are not pictures that provide the answer to it all. The world that Per Bak Jensen invites us into is eye-opening and original.”

The title of the danish version is ‘Skyggens Vandring’

Specifications:   Strandberg Publishing ・ 2022 ・ Hardcover ・ 24 x 30 cm. / 136 pages ・ Danish / English ・ 978-87-94102-47-6

Danish – Skyggen Vandring, English – The Shadow's Wandering

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