Oli Kellett ‘Cross Road Blues’

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Cross Road Blues presents a selection of 33 photographs from UK-based Oli Kellett’s iconic series of the same name. Kellett began the project in 2016 during a visit Los Angeles, during which time the United States was literally at a political crossroads. The series evolved naturally from there, eventually taking on a more universal meaning as Kellett continued his work in other countries including Spain, Japan, Brazil and Mexico.

The binding context in each of Kellett’s images is their setting at a crossroads – a familiar place and metaphor for the tension we encounter throughout life.

“We live in an era of fake news, political polarization and algorithmic echo chambers,” Kellett explains. “Our experience of the world is fractured as we live out multiple identities on and offline. But crossroads are a democratic place; we all have to wait.” – Oli Kellett

Cross Road Blues is published to coincide with a solo exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art, London.

Specifications:   Nazraeli Press ・ 2024 ・ Hardcover with tipped-in image ・ 35,5 x 29 cm. / 68 pages ・ English ・ 978-1-59005-591-5


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