Ole Christiansen ‘My View’

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Photographer Ole Christiansen has chosen the view from his small balcony in Copenhagen as his subject. We see asphalt, iron covers, parked cars and dog walkers. An absolutely incredible variety in people’s activities plays out, when you observe a street corner as persistently as Ole Christiansen has done for half a year. The sky appears dramatically in some images, and in the next frame a worried, waiting woman gets a hug. A portrait turns into a street scene, and a street scene turns into a landscape.

Turning the gaze to the back yard there is a more enclosed space. Neighbors and the residents, they exist, we just don’t see them. A cat in a window. A bird on the roof. Banal motifs that are almost impossible to draw interest from, but which through Ole Christiansen’s lens become graphic monuments. With very few movements from the camera position, Ole Christiansen manages to tell a coherent story that extends beyond the limited space of the stage.

The book includes an essay by journalist Erik Steffensen.

Specifications:   Book Lab ・ 2024 ・ Hardcover ・ 21 x 27 cm. / 120 pages ・ English ・ 9788794091305

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