Nina Korhonen ‘Monkey to Monkey’ (signed)

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The photographs in “Monkey to Monkey” are taken in Northern and Northwesten China, and on occasional trips to Beijing and Shanghai, between 2004 and 2016.

Göran Sommardal writes: “Some of the red ribbons attached around the rough-barked trunks on the trees in the first picture in Nina Korhonen’s book “Monkey to Monkey” are so faded and fringed that they could have been attached already at the beginning of the 12-year cycle that surrounds the pictures in the book”.

The monkey is the ninth animal of the twelve zodiac animals in Chinese astrology. Each animal has a one-year period, and when twelve years have passed, the cycle begins over again.

The year of the monkey is a sign of joy of activity, activity, intelligence, curiosity and “everything is possible-thinking”.

Specifications:   Nina Korhonen / Self Published ・ 2018 ・ Hardcover ・ 23,5 x 29,5 cm. / 112 pages ・ English/Swedish ・ 978-91-639-4645-5

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