Linda Bergman ‘UTFLYKT/FLYKT’

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It is 1998. Linda Bergman is on Öland, the island she comes from. On a hot summer day, she takes the boat out to the mythical Blå Jungfrun in Kalmarsund, the island that has been on her horizon when she has been swimming on the Öland coast since childhood. With her, she has a camera loaded with a roll of film. The film is of an odd variety, intended for photography in controlled studio light. It will be a photo experiment to use the film in the strong sun light instead. She walks around the island, walks in the circles of the old stone labyrinth, crawls in between large rocks, bends down and looks at the low vegetation on the ground, marvels at the warm pink jungfru granite that can only be found on the Blå Jungfrun. She has been warned before not to bring anything from the island. That means bad luck. Are the pictures to take with you something from there, she wonders when she takes the boat back. The images are developed and the color tone is similar to that found in faded postcards. 22 years later, Linda Bergman picks out the pictures from the trip to the Blue Virgin and shows them to the designer Elin Mejergren. The result is the book UTFLYKT/FLYKT.

Specifications:   Boris Press ・ 2021 ・ Softcover ・ 10 x 15,5 cm. / leporello pages ・ Swedish ・ 978-91-984244-7-8

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