Lasse Krog Møller ‘Disparition (försvinna)’

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DANSEINSTITUT, Molkerei, Tabacchi, Egense Kro & Motel are just some of the disappearing, blurred and weathered facade texts reproduced in Lasse Krog Møllers Disparition (försvinna) – photographically registered in Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon, Rome, Copenhagem , Aalborg and Aarhus.

The textual commentaries from the different cities tell about the evolution of the world and its cityscapes, where everything is always temporary and changing. They also testify to the gentrification, for example, in the inner city of Rome. The global flagship stores of modern capitalism have taken over storehouses that previously offered ordinary necessities of life instead of Prada and Gucci. But in some places the facades of the former shops are left as a trace of a past everyday life.

With the right look or light, these text images appear as sudden shadows against the background. The texts give passersby unforgettable promises of charcuterie, flowers, bread, colonial goods, tobacco etc. As weak markings on doors and windows on facades where in the near or distant past a shop was located and welcomed customers.

The book’s black-and-white images point to the abundance of the semi-dissolved texts in urban spaces – and the fairly uniform appearance that characterizes them regardless of geographical location. At the same time, the entropic decay may be compared to the texts left to us by now-vanished cultures; The inscriptions of the Roman Empire, still found around Rome’s cityscape, or the Nordic runes and carvings.

Specifications:   Forlaget *[Asterisk] ・ 2019 ・ Hardcover ・ 21,3 x 25 cm. / 144 pages ・ Danish ・ 9788792733634

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