Jonas Georg Christensen & Peter Olsen ‘Paintworks’

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Paintworks presents the works of Danish artists Jonas Georg Christensen and Peter Olsen, a kind of congenial everyday low-key graffiti. It is so discreet and minimalist that it completely blends into the building and only the attentive sees it.
Paintworks gives the same pale image of buildings in Denmark as everyday life is for most of us. We pass them, but our thoughts are somewhere else. But when we take a closer look: isn’t something strange, something that is skewed?

Specifications:   Forlaget emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten / Dokument Press ・ 2019 ・ Softcover with jacket, including folding plates ・ 21 x 24 cm. / 112 pages ・ English / Danish ・ 978-91-88369-31-4

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