Jens Juul ‘Six Degrees of Copenhagen’

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The title of the project and the book refers to the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, which is the theory that all people are connected to each other through their networks and that a person is never more than six social connections away from anyone. And with the human network as a working method, the idea has been to draw human connection lines through Copenhagen. The people portrayed were unknown to the photographer Jens Juul. Subsequently, the person portrayed has recommended a person from their own circle of acquaintances, whereby the portrait baton has been passed on. By letting those portrayed pass the baton, the process and the result have been manipulated as little as possible.

Specifications:   Book Lab ・ 2022 ・ Hardcover ・ 28 x 32 / 160 pages ・ Danish ・ 9788794091169

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