Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen ‘Dysfertil’ (numbered & signed)

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When Janemaria started working on this project she was still trying to become a mother. Getting pregnant wasn’t a problem. Staying pregnant, however, has been riddled with bodily dysfunctionality for Janemaria. Professional insemination and pharmaceutical aid did not change the circumstance that the fetus never transcended 12-weeks. Every time, her body would reject the pregnancy, and in its place, grief would grow.

Dysfertil is Janemaria’s journey over the years towards acceptance, and in the book she turns herself inside out to show us the spectrum of hope and despair.

The white, transparent pages of Dysfertil are held together with a glue-binding making the book fragile, but strong. The softcover book comes in either an open graphite cardboard box with no lid, where the book is tied down with a single string, or a closed graphite cardboard slipcase. The two versions refer to hope and fragility, but also loss and strength.

Dysfertil is handmade by the artist in an edition of 72 copies. All copies are signed and numbered.

Please note which box you prefer when ordering.

Specifications:   Blankt Papir Press ・ 2020 ・ Softcover, french folded pages ・ / 70 pages ・ English ・


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