Jakob Hunosøe ‘In Square Circle’

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Jakob Hunosøe employs photography as an instrument uncovering new meanings in our immediate surroundings. Using simple artifices, he tries to add a poetic and humorous dimension to our everyday surroundings.
Everyday life is the focal point in his photographs, though the reality they portray is full of extraordinary effects. Ordinary objects, such as chairs, dishcloths, bookshelves, kitchen utensils, bathroom interiors, rackets and tools, appear in unexpected and surprising constellations.
No digital manipulation is employed. With daylight as the only light source and his own staging of the situations in front of the camera, the photographs merely document what takes place in front of the lens.
IN SQUARE CIRCLE exhibits a selection of works made over the past five years.

Texts by Sarah Giersing, Mette Sandbye and Jakob Hunosøe.

Specifications:   Revolver Publishing ・ 2020 ・ Softcover ・ 19 x 22,5 cm / 80 pages ・ English / Danish ・ 9783957634832

Jakob Hunosøe (*1975) is a Danish visual artist based in Copenhagen. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2004, and he has exhibited widely both solo and in group exhibitions, counting among others at Peter Lav Gallery, Trane exhibition (DK), Holstebro Museum of Art, Rønnebæksholm Museum, RØM (exhibition project). Jakob Hunosøe is represented in public collections such as The National Museum of Photography (DK), the Danish Arts Agency and the city of Copenhagen.

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