Jacob Ehrbahn ‘Drømmen om Europa’

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Drømmen om Europa (The Dream of Europe)  is a gripping book of people fleeing their homeland. Since 2015, photojournalist Jacob Ehrbahn has covered the fronts of the refugee crisis in Europe. These fronts are constantly shifting as a direct consequence of European refugee policy, when some routes open and others close, and when some European countries accept refugees and migrants, while others try to avoid it.

Jacob Ehrbahn’s extensive coverage of the refugee crises takes him to Lesbos, where the first rubber boats come ashore in 2015, NGO ships’ rescue operations in the Mediterranean, a Swedish asylum center, the streets of Paris and border crossings in Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina and France. 

Specifications:   Gyldendal ・ 2021 ・ Hardcover ・ 30,8 x 30,8 cm. / 300 pages ・ Danish ・ 9788702310269

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