Atla on Paper 2. – Forløsning

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In this second edition of Atla on Paper eight artists’ interpretate what ‘forløsning’ is. It is a visual dialogue, an artistic process turned upside down and poetry emerged on the basis of this very word: forløsning.

Alex Avgud and Birk Thomassen work in their photographic practice with intimacy, freedom and sexuality; Alex from Moscow and Birk from Denmark. Two artists who from the beginning were like strangers sent words, pictures and then intimate confessions to each other. From winter to summer, the dialogue unfolded, and through e-mail correspondence, a very special look was created into the engine room of art. Without being planned in advance, this dialogue became the mainstay of ‘Forløsning’. Along the way, several artistic voices were added: Oskar Fehlauer, Dyveke Bredsdorff, Glenn Bech, Marialuna Hinze, Niels Henning Krag Jensby and Alik, who have each responded to the word ‘forløsning’ with a work. Through poetry, short stories, digital collages and cyanotype, they allow ‘forløsning’ to occur in bodily sensations, in infatuation, forfeiture, love, and in a fist blow to the side of the head. ‘forløsning’ bypasses a large arc around heteronormative depictions of the space of intimacy, and instead lets a chorus of different voices vibrate unfiltered on paper.

Specifications:   Atla. Nordic Platform for Emerging Photography ・ 2021 ・ Softcover ・ 16 x 21 cm. / 208 pages ・ Danish / English ・ 9788797309919

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