Adam Kremer ‘Gates To The Garden’

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“Maybe by closing our eyes, we see more clearly. These constructs insinuate the secrets that the corner itself elucidates. These crossings outlive any attempts to capture. They clasp.”

Adam Kremer is an Australian photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. At the center of his work is an evolving and meandering emotional narrative, informed by the camera’s ability to isolate and collect. Created through equal parts of observation and choreography, object and body, his images suggest elements of time, distance, and visibility unique to the operations of photography.

Specifications:   At Last Books ・ 2017 ・ Soft cover, perfect bound, partial dustcover ・ 22,5 cm x 27,5 cm. / 76 pages ・ English ・ 978-87-999667-2-1

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