Tofu Collective (ed) ‘Rooms Within China’

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Rooms Within China is a kaleidoscopic collection of 100 photographs captured by 20 of the most noteworthy contemporary photographers from China. Originating from a wide array of areas, generations and artistic approaches, the contributors altogether form an eclectic image of Chinese contemporary photography and illustrate a broad spectrum of expressions within the complex and diverse phenomenon that is China. 

Featured photographers: Chen Ronghui, Coca Dai, Feng Li, Gao Shan, Jialin Yan, Li Lin, Li Zhengde, Lin Zhipeng, Luo Yang, Pixy Liao, Shi Yangkun, Wang Lu, Wenjun Chen & Yanmei Jiang, Wenxin Zhang, Wu Liewei, Xiaoxiao Xu, Yan Cong, Yuyang Liu, Zhou Pinglang, Zhu Lanqing.

Specifications:   Tofu Collective ・ 2021 ・ Hardcover ・ 20,7 x 31 cm. / 240 pages ・ English / Chinese ・ 978-87-971378-3-3

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