Sophie Calle ‘Exquisite Pain’

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In ‘Exquisite Pain, Calle turns her attention to a life changing experience from her own past. This book is a visual record of the time in 1985 when a lover failed to meet Calle as promised in a hotel in New Delhi. Calle was devastated. As always, she kept everything from that journey photographs, ticket stubs, visas and letters each image rubber stamped to mark the countdown to the fateful day of her heartbreak. On her return to Paris, she asked a group of friends to answer the question, ‘When did you most suffer?’ Their stories of pain, each of them accompanied by a photograph, interplay with Calle’s own story and daily reflections. ‘It is now seventy five days since the man I love left me’ creating a testament to the heartache of romantic rejection.

This copy of the highly collectible book is sold as pre-owned but is new and still foil wrapped.

Specifications:   Thames & Hudson ・ 2005 ・ Hardcover ・ 10,8 x 19,4 cm. / 282 pages ・ English ・ 978-0500511985

Sophie Calle (born in 1953 in Paris, living in Malakoff) is a writer, conceptual artist, photographer and movie director, but always with the medium of photography as the core of her work. She has published more than fifteen books and has exhibited extensively since the mid 1980s. Most often, her photographs are combined with texts that have the character of either a personal diary, a documentary style or quotations from interviews.

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