Pascual Martínez & Vincent Sáez ‘The Saxons of Transylvania’

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The Saxons of Transylvania documents a fading civilization with a mix of archival images, new photographs, illustrations and storytelling. In their second book photographed in Romania, Martínez + Sáez focus on ethnic German Saxons returning to Transylvania to preserve their distinct culture and heritage built over eight centuries. Indigenous to the region, their conflicted story is told through legend and history, and with current texts, revealing an uncertain future for what is now a dispersed group of people.

Specifications:   Overlapse ・ 2019 ・ Hardcover, Section-sewn binding with cloth-covered spine ・ 17 x 23 cm / 152 pages ・ English ・ 9781999446833

Pascual Martínez and Vincent Sáez are two Spanish photographers working in collaboration. Their focus is on human relations and the study of society through photography as a means of anthropological exploration. In 2014 they began an artistic residency in Bucharest, Romania, working on The Tree of Life is Eternally Green, and have exhibited in solo shows in Spain, and in Bucharest and Brasov (Romania). Their first book The Tree of Life is Eternally Green was recognised with the 2018 ArtsLibris-Fundació Banc Sabadell Prize, and Martínez + Sáez won the Photography Prize of the University of Murcia (2018). They both studied at the School of Art in Murcia, and combine their work as photographers with teaching, designing and curating photography exhibitions.

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