Margot Wallard ‘Natten’

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Margot Wallard’s photographic project Natten is a heartfelt response to, and an attempt to bridge, a massive chasm between the inner places of her emotional and psychological being.

In 2012 Margot Wallard moved to Sweden with her partner, the photographer JH Engström, to a hamlet in the beyond. Experiencing an overwhelming need to turn the lens on herself, she took refuge in nature and started a new project “Natten”. The forest became a place of resistance, somewhere where she could give free rein to that part of herself that does not cheat. Long exposures gave the shutter sufficient time to etch onto the film the movements of the soul. Besides being her own model, she scanned the things around her – animal, vegetable or mineral. By using the means of recording reality in its purest expression, she found a different way of coming to grips with it. The space she leaves between the camera and herself is also the space she puts between the spectator and her image.

Specifications:   Max Ström ・ 2017 ・ Hardback ・ 19.7 x 26.7 cm / 230 pages ・ English ・ 9789171264169

Margot Wallard was born in 1978, and now lives and works in France and Sweden. She started taking photographs at the age of sixteen, and since 1997 has been working with such internationally acknowledged photographers as Michael Ackerman, Antoine D’Agata and Anders Petersen. She has published several books, including three with her partner JH Engström. Together, in 2012, they founded the Atelier Smedsby, a one-year international workshop based in Paris that drew participants from all over the world.

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