Lone Mørch ‘Embody’

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Embody is based on Lone Mørch’s intimate photographic encounters with hundreds of Danish and American women between the ages of 17 and 95. In her quest for a woman’s complicated truth, she captures the startling interplay between the seer and the seen, as they encounter the light and shadow in their bodies, minds and psyches. In photos and prose, Embody lets you be voyeur to women’s private thoughts and motives as they seek the freedom to see and to be seen.

In a world where the female body is still sold, shamed and legislated over, and women have to work hard to (re-)discover and connect to their bodies, to their inner selves, Lone lets a woman restore her dignity and retain a bit of her feminine mystery.

Most photography of women has been dominated by the male gaze; in this book women look at themselves.

Specifications:   Lone Mørch / Self-Published ・ 2018 ・ Hard bound, fabric cover, folio titles, embossed ・ 21,7 x 26,5 cm. / 176 pages ・ English / Danish ・ 9788797040300

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