Keld Helmer-Petersen ‘Black Light’

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Black light is the third book in the trilogy starting with Black Noise and Back to Black.

Keld Helmer-Petersens black and white images explore dramatic contrasts of tone. In some, we are only presented with images that are black and white. All mid tones have been removed. He created and found these images, using both cameras and flat bed scanners to achieve the effects he was looking for. The book is beautifully designed and encourages us to consider the space around the image and the accompanying text as integral to the meaning of the work. In the trilogy Helmer-Petersen returned to his point of departure, the abstract black and white photography, using modern, digital techniques.

Specifications:   The Rocket Gallery ・ 2014 ・ Hardback ・ 24 x 30 cm. / 76 pages ・ English

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