Jette Bang / Leise Johansen ‘Jette Bang’

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In 1936 a young Danish woman travels to Greenland. She is a newly trained photographer and her goal is to document the life that is lived in Greenland. A Greenland that is closed to the outside world. The woman is called Jette Bang and is 22 years old. She breaks with the traditional way of photographing a foreign community and shows another side of Greenland that have not been depicted to the same degree: pictures of women, children and daily life. Jette Bang’s photographs exude a rare, intense presence, whether she portrays people, landscapes or travel activities. Her admiration and love for human life and the nature she experiences in Greenland is expressed through the light, shapes and compositions of her motifs. Elements that extend the photographs to works of art.

Specifications:   Milik publishing ・ 2014 ・ Hardcover ・ 30 x 30 cm. / 195 pages ・ English / Danish /Greenlandic ・ 9788792790200

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