Jan Töve ‘Night Light’ (signed)

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“In darkness, I am searching for light like a moth.

A street lamp, a lit window, a neon sign, or the light of a summer night sky that never completely fades out. And the opposite: the winter days, when the darkness is grafted into days early, days that never really want to brighten up. 

As I look at the blackened houses, the empty streets, the desolated park benches, the bikes in their stands, parked cars, I get the feeling that time has stopped and the surroundings, now quiet and still, await a new day’s life and movements. ” Jan Töve

Specifications:   Töve Bild ・ 2020 ・ Cloth bound hardback ・ 26 x 24 cm / 128 pages ・ English ・ 9789151938059

Jan Töve (b. 1958) is a photographer and author based in Hökerum, West Sweden.

His photography is based on the landscape in a wide sense, where human, environment and society are commented on or included in one way or another. His images are personal interpretations and not infrequently prosaic views of reality. He sees himself as a photographer on a walk in a border country between different conditions that do not rarely contrast each other. He usually works thematically with various projects, which revolve around issues of our contemporary existence and how, and in what way, we interact with our surroundings, each other and how it is expressed.

Jan started taking photographs in his early teens and, after completing his compulsory schooling, was apprenticed to a portrait photographer. In 1982, he enrolled at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts to train as a film cameraman, but he dropped out in favor of teacher training, graduating in 1986.

He has been a full-time photographer and author since 1994. 

Since his debut in 1996, he has published numerous books. Night Light is the latest in  a new series that follows Faraway Nearby (Hatje Catz, 2017), Silent Landscape (Nya Vyer, 2012 and Riverside (Nya Vyer, 2007).

Over the years, Jan has received numerous awards and awards and exhibited in numerous locations both in Sweden and abroad, most recently in the Contemporary Landscapes collection exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Modern Art in San Diego

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