Iain Sarjeant ‘Out Of The Ordinary’ vol 1.

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Much of Iain Sarjeant’s photography is spontaneous in nature – he is wandering, exploring, discovering, and observing – often in everyday places.

Out of the Ordinary developed from this approach, and reflects his interest in people’s relationship and interaction with their environment. The series explores the kind of places that most of us walk or drive past every day – often places where the infrastructure of human habitation interacts with the natural environment. These are dynamic landscapes, constantly being altered, and part of the fascination for Iain Sarjeant is the element of chance involved – stumbling upon scenes that often look very different the following month, day or even hour. The project is on-going and has become a journey through everyday Scotland.

Specifications:   Another Place Press ・ 2019 ・ Perfect Bound ・ 21 x 15 cm. / 72 pages ・ English ・ 978-0-9935688-4-8

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