Gerry Johansson ‘Supplement Deutschland’

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” Why Supplement: Deutschland ? Shouldn’t the 169 pictures in Deutschland (MACK, 2012)
be enough? Frankly not. Some pictures I liked were left out for various reasons. And some went into the book even though they shouldn’t be there.

It is simply difficult to judge a book before it is printed, bound and you hold it in your hands. I guess I will have the same problem with Supplement: Deutschland, but that’s the way it is.
But there is also another, and stronger, reason. I just can’t leave my subjects. I keep working on them year after year if it is possible. And as time goes by it gets more and more interesting and new images creates a dialog with older work.
Roughly one fourth of the pictures didn’t make it into the Deutschland book,mostly for editing reasons and some I have found interesting when I have made selection for exhibition. Three fourths of the pictures in the new book are made 2013 to 2017. Most of them in the countryside between Berlin and the North Sea.” Gerry Johansson

Specifications:   Self-published ・ 2018 ・ Clothbound hardback ・ 17 x 24,5 cm. / 96 pages ・ English ・ 9789197632690

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