Anders Petersen ‘Stockholm’

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This is a city diary. Between 2015-2018, Swedish photographer Anders Petersen, has been documenting the people and urban spaces of Stockholm. This volume gathers his energetic black-and-white images of a rapidly expanding city―of everyday life and celebration, of young and old, snow falling on Katarinavägen, a parade of dachshunds in Gärdet, an operating theatre in Danderyd, New Year’s Eve celebrations at Skeppsbron’s giant Christmas tree.
The book constitutes Petersen’s first portrait of his native city; previously (and famously) he has photographed psychiatric hospitals, circuses, prisons, the city of Rome and the Café Lehmitz in Hamburg.

Specifications:   Max Ström / Liljevalchs ・ 2019 ・ Softcover ・ 20 x 26,5cm. / 368 pages ・ English / Swedish ・ 9789171264862

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